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December Gardening Tips

Sunny Gardens | December Gardening Tips


You’re doing great, it’s almost the end of the year! Now is a good time to buy early-flowering camellias Sasanqua and japonica varieties.

Sunny Gardens | December Gardening Tips



Take Root cuttings of woody shrubs and evergreens, such as azaleas, holly, and hydrangea, at this time of year.
Bare-root season begins late this month. Look for cane berries, grapes, and roots of perennials such as artichokes, asparagus, rhubarb, astilbe, and peonies.
Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous trees and shrubs. Dip cut stems in rooting hormone powder and plant in equal parts sand and vermiculite. Keep moist.



Have on hand some heavy material or cardboard boxes to cover tender garden plants on the first nights of frost. Often if tender plants can be protected from early frosts, they will bloom for several more weeks.
Continue fall cleans up begun last month. Cut back chrysanthemums to about 6 inches (15 cm), remove dead leaves and stems from dormant perennials. Keep after weeds and keep lawns free of debris
Start pruning dormant fruit trees and shrubs
The potted plants you receive during the holiday season are not meant to be kept as permanent house
plants. They were raised in a greenhouse and do not adapt well to the conditions in your home. Treat
they like long-lasting cut flowers -- enjoy them as long as possible, but discard when they become
To prolong the life of a flowering poinsettia, keep it evenly moist and protect it from being chilled or
subjected to drafts. Keep it in full sunlight in a cool area.
If the buds drop and the stems shrivel on your Christmas cactus, look for root injury caused by dry soil.
Both live and cut Christmas trees need water while they are inside. Keep live trees indoors for a minimum
of time to keep them healthy.
If stored bulbs begin to shrivel, they are too dry. Place them in a container with potting medium, peat
moss or sawdust to stop the loss of water.
Try coating your snow shovel with a "non-stick" cooking spray; the snow slides right off. Recoat as needed.
Thoroughly mulch azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, and laurel after the ground freezes. They prefer
acidic materials, such as oak leaves and pine needles, but any mixed, dry leaves will do if oak and pine
are not available.


Weed and Pest Control

Discourage winter weeds by putting down a pre-emergent, cultivating, or mulching around
bedding plants, shrubs and trees.
Control slugs, snails by removing their hiding places; clean up leaf litter.
If you haven't already sprayed your nectarines and peaches for peach leaf curl, now's the time to do it.
Repeat spraying in January and February.
Apply dormant oil or spray or neem oil to deciduous plants whose buds are still closed. Horticultural oil
kills over-wintering insects; lime sulphur or fixed copper spray.

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