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January Gardening Tips

Sunny Gardens | January Gardening Tips


Make your selections of seeds, and order seeds early, don't wait until late in the
winter to order seed because many varieties sell out early.

Sunny Gardens | January Gardening Tips
Shop for evergreen shrubs such as azalea, camellia and early rhododendrons
Order tubers of Jerusalem artichoke (Helinathus tuberosus)
Draw a map of your garden and make copies of it. Garden beds and raised beds stay in the same place
year after year, but the crops rotate each year. To plan this year's garden, take a clean copy of the map
and fill it in. Use the back of the plan to record notes. Keep each year's plan in a three-ring binder for easy
cross-checking of varieties, rotations. Note what did well and what did not.
January is a good month to plan your garden and to start landscaping jobs.


Cool-season annuals are still available. Iceland poppy, pansy, snapdragon, viola, stock, candytuft,
calendula, cineraria, primrose.
Plant bare-root vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, horseradish, and rhubarb
Plant bare-root fruits including apples, apricots, blueberries, cane berries, grapes, pears, plums, and
Plant bare-root ornamentals such as roses, shade trees and vines.


Put down slow release fertiliser on the soil around the base of indoor plants that flower or fruit in the
winter. Work into the top 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) of soil
Top-dress asparagus and rhubarb beds with well-composted manure for maximum production later in the
Care for gift plants. Keep tender plants like amaryllis and kalanchoe indoors in a well-lighted area; water
regularly. Move hardier plants like azaleas, cinerarias, cyclamen and cymbidiums outdoors to a protected
spot after finish flowering. Fertilize after bloom.
Move living Christmas trees back outside. Put them in partial shade at first to harden them off, then move
them into full sun in a week or two, rinse off foliage & water
This is a good time to move dormant shrubs and trees
Start pruning dormant fruit trees, grapes and shrubs. Take out dead, diseased, crossing and closely
parallel branches, then prune to shape
Wait to prune spring-flowering shrubs until after they have flowered, don’t do it now.
Apply dormant spray to deciduous plants to control harmful overwintering insects. Spray peach trees with
lime sulfur or fixed copper to control peach leaf curl.
Cover frost-tender outdoor plants. Do not let covering touch leaves, remove in the morning
Avoid walking on grass or ground covers while they are frozen. The frozen leaves are brittle and easily
Ajuga is especially sensitive to being walked on during the winter, and large portions can die
back, leaving bare spots for the spring.
If a few, consecutive, warm days have caused your bulbs to nose out from under protective mulch, plan to
thicken the mulch layer as soon as cold weather returns to prevent freezing by exposure.
Check perennials to see if any have been pushed out of the ground by alternate freezing and thawing
weather. If so, push them back into the soil; otherwise, the exposed roots will dry out and die. Replace
mulch if it has blown away.
Look at your landscape. Do you need evergreens to protect your privacy, reduce street noise, block the
glare of street lights? Order plants in January and February for spring planting.
Try coating your snow shovel with a "non-stick" cooking spray; the snow slides right off. Recoat as needed.
Use calcium chloride instead of sodium chloride on your walks. It does less damage to plants. Or, better
yet, use sand, which doesn't hurt your plants a bit.
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Weed and Pest Control
Control slugs, snails by removing their hiding places; clean up leaf litter.

All those jobs can by done by Sunny Gardens in your garden just contact us for details of garden maintenance, landscaping and design in London and surrounding areas.

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