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Self Sufficient – Feng Shui Gardens.

hardwood decking feng-shui garden in Cheam

Sunny Gardens design and landscaping company would like to introduce new type of gardens.

We call them  Energy Gardens.

By designing this type of garden, we take in to account all customer requirements. Also, the garden will be completely self-sufficient and planed with Feng Shui laws.

Self Sufficient garden.

Our self-sufficient garden is the way for the future. We are using modern technology traditional ways of cultivation and environmentally friendly species of plants and seeds.

We do not use any chemicals in our gardens. The garden can look after itself. To achieve that, we make a plan for each garden, how to look after. Using only natural and traditional methods of gardening our gardens are 100% organic.

Composting is the key element in life of our garden, all organic waste from home and garden is used for compost and liquid fertilizer that will be produce by using worm farming composting methods. Produced compost will be use for the garden needs. Liquid fertilizer will be added to the watering system and distributed for feeding all plants. Watering system will be powered by the sun and controlled by modern app. Very important fact about energy garden is that the lawn will be replaced by flowering meadow. Instead of green lawn we have meadow that will bring colours to the garden and attract wildlife. The maintenance cost of the lawn will be taken to minimum.

Feng Shui planning.

Energy gardens will be planned to specific needs of customer. To bring more harmony to the life of the owners the fengshui laws will be applied during planning process.

Garden design will be related to the Ba-Gua for finding different areas of the garden. (Future, self-empowerment, community, wisdom, self, compassion, descendants, relationship and health). By using Feng Shui laws in our garden, we would like to bring the right flow of a Chi, the invisible essential life force present in every form of life in the universe. Where it flows freely and accumulates, there is health and abundance.

 The garden design take, to account five elements of Earth and four seasons of nature. In order to grant a long life and to store up the power of creation.

Some types of energy gardens that will be created by us: Meditation garden, a lovers garden, healing garden, children’s garden, fertility garden, winter’s garden, retirement garden.

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